Update BERSIH 10 Nov – More pictures


All this pictures were not taken by me but from various blog sites for you to view. And lastly a youtube video capture of an interview by Al-Jazeera with our infamous Information Minister Mr Zamzam Alakazam!. Have your self a good laugh watching this.  I did.

Mainstream media reported only 4,000 people came to the rally!
Tian Chua as usual….arrested. You must have bad mojo Tian 🙂
I think I’ve seen this picture before…errrr….Palestine? Israel? Sorry can’t remember. Oh well Melayu mudah lupa…….
Poonggal festival anyone!?
Why so sad face Mr Kit Siang? Smoke..errr..Tear Gas Got In Your Eyes?
Gutsy lady!
Look at the chin-up FRU. So Bangga! Wander what his thinking,….” one head I crack, one bottle of stout I get after this”
bersihDSCF0066 Thank you officer!
No wonder the crime rate in Malaysia is declining.
bersihkickdefella “We are not like Pakistan..we are not like Myanmar…..we are a democratic country….” , Zam, Information Minister when interviewed by Al Jazeera.




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